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The Whole Self Center supports people of all ages in all circumstances, particularly children and adolescents with autism and their families, to explore the innate well-being and creativity of their whole self – the whole and capable person they truly are. Although we acknowledge disabilities, we focus on the simple truth that each of us has certain-abilities.  Everyone's interests and strengths, no matter how small, can be nurtured to develop.  We acknowledge that  every human being is unique and valuable; and that one of the many gifts we can share with others is the willingness to understand them.

The Whole Self Center Mission Statement

We are committed to helping individuals with autism, their families, and the people who serve them use a person-centered approach to gain a greater sense of independence and quality of life. We know that all of us can learn from one another, and we welcome the opportunity to grow together in the spirit of good will and integrity.


We’d like to share to results of the audit of our agency. 

The results affirm the efforts we make to provide high quality services.


Five state regulators came to our office on January 14, 2011. 

In addition to evaluating our policies, procedures and billing records, the regulators read – 24 employee files and 14 client files.  


The auditors held an after-audit meeting with us.  The lead auditor told us that in his three and half years, only two providers have gotten a 100% on their audit (that means “no findings” in any category).  He was pleased to tell us that The Whole Self Center is now the third provider among that elite group.  He said that

we are among the top 3% of all Autism Waiver providers in the state.


He also said it is clear to anyone who reads our client notes that the WSC staff is providing “clinical interventions” to clients.  That means it is clear that WSC’s IISS technicians do not just “babysit” their clients – they are supporting clients to develop independent living skills. 


We are proud of our employees for being instrumental in making the results of this audit possible, and we will continue to support them to make a difference in the lives of our clients and their families.

Our direct services are provided in the homes and communities of children and adolescents on the autism spectrum and their families under the Maryland Medical Assistance Autism Waiver Program. As an Autism Waiver Provider, we offer Family Training, Intensive Individual Support Services and Respite Care. The WSC Online Monitoring System is in the process of being incorporated into this website to support our staff to enhance the quality of care to our clients. Also, we are pleased to offer all of our families a individualized Person-Centered Assessment.  This is a free service for each child, which will identify and suggest ways to support the development of academic and functional skills.

Children with autism have a lot to teach all of us about how we can either stay stuck in repeating disruptive/dysfunctional behaviors or we can be open to entertaining new ideas. Because of this, our website includes information about Whole Self Understanding for anyone interested in the possibility of living a more creative and fulfilling life.

Please consider clicking Site Map to get a quick overview of the kind of information you will be able to obtain by visiting our site and to see what additions we’ve made as we continue to add new information over time.  As of February 2009, we are still in the process of adding to our site so please check back regularly.